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Amahoro (Peace) Ladies Cooperative

Amahoro Women's Co-op is based in Nyanza, Rwanda. Amahoro means "peace" in Kinyarwandan. 

After the genocide, many people struggled to find peace. A group of ladies started meeting together at the home of Denis and Dative Mugabo on the Peace International School Compound, where Dative offered a place to build community and peace.

In 2019 a group from Emmanuel Community Church in Edmonton Alberta was impacted by the reality of their poverty. Gord & Joyce Graham began funding training in hairdressing and manicures. In 2023 Irene Apon began working with these women. With the purchase of a sewing machine, Irene began teaching the construction of bags, also jewelry making from recycled materials, and other products.

This was the birth of the women's cooperative.

The purchase of any items puts food on the tables of these families.


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