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Peace Conference
February 23-25, 2024

Join us for our next conference

Peace in the Land

in Nyanza, Rwanda for 3 impactful days of community and equipping. 

International Interfaith Peace Building Conference exists to restore and build peace so that we can create a brighter future. 

Build Peace

Our sessions include teaching from our Peace-Building Curriculum which have been adopted by the government schools and even the military.




Through sharing stories of reconciliation we hope to inspire attendees to pursue peace and to see that restored relationships directly impact community development and growth. 


Our sessions will include sustainable development strategies that prioritize the needs of all members of society and the environment. These strategies can be implemented within your own communities. 

Please register to attend.  Contact us and we will provide information on both transportation and accomodation.   

Thanks for submitting!

A Story Shared at Peace Conference  2019

These Stories are what bring about change in our communities. PEACE is what we're after. 

Sarah and Harry's story is a powerful story of redemption and reconciliation.   Sarah was a victim of the Rwandan genocide; Harry was the perpetrator.   Harry was the police chief in the village where Sarah lived.   At the onset of the genocide, the government was broadcasting extremely negative information on the airwaves about the Tutsi people.  The catalyst was when the plane carrying the president of Rwanda was shot down.   Orders were sent out to all the police to round up the Tutsi and eradicate them.  Harry was the leader of the police responsible for killing all of Sarah’s family...

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